One Year Today

Yes, Eat, Read, Record is one year old today. There were a few moments in between where I thought maybe it wouldn’t even last a year, but those moments usually lasted less than a minute. If anything, in the past year, I spent most of the time excitedly planning ahead—way ahead—and feeling guilty about not…

Crossing the Finish Line

Recipe 8: Salmon with Chermoula in Parchment
Victories 8, 8.1, and 8.2: Overcoming my reluctance (OK, fear) of cooking seafood, cooking a fish without stinking up the whole apartment, and exploring the potential of small kitchen appliances

That Little Known Thing Called Vegetable

I’m terrible with names, especially names of vegetables. It doesn’t help that I usually deal with at least two languages and culinary cultures when it comes to food. Coriander, parsley, and cilantro (phak chi, phak chi farang, and phak chi in Thai respectively) always force me to consult the dictionary or Google. The allium family…