How I Cook III

It took me more than a year to come back, but here I am again.

From My Library: Vol. 7

I recently did something I hadn’t done in a long time: I bought a magazine to read on a long trip. This happened in a bookshop at the Karlsruhe train station before I had to catch a train to the Frankfurt airport, where I would take a flight back to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. I…

Saturday Rambling

I probably should eat. It’s almost one in the afternoon here in Bangkok. Instead, I’ve fed myself with water and Gabrielle Hamilton’s “Rome” and “Hunger” episodes in The Mind of a Chef. My stomach was not rumbling, but my mouth watered at the sight of the Prune chef-and-owner putting sardines on slices of avocado and dressing…

From My Library: Vol. 1

I don’t technically have a library. I live in a studio apartment after all. So my books can be found on the floor on both sides of my bed, a small bookshelf, and my desk/dining table. But “From My Library” is about sharing things I’ve read, listened to, or watched that are related to food….

How I Cook: Year 2

Since I started this blog, I’ve been cooking not only more frequently, but I believe my cooking has changed in many ways. When I wrote the first How I Cook post, I wanted to tell the readers about my food and cooking background. More than that, I wanted to make it clear that this food…

Of Things Sharp and Sweet

The Kitchn’s Cooking School Lessons 1 & 2 Apparently I had been holding the knife wrong way—you know, the very comfortable way of holding the knife by placing the index finger on top of the blade. I had no idea that it’s actually less stable, making it more difficult to control. That’s the thing with…

One Year Today

Yes, Eat, Read, Record is one year old today. There were a few moments in between where I thought maybe it wouldn’t even last a year, but those moments usually lasted less than a minute. If anything, in the past year, I spent most of the time excitedly planning ahead—way ahead—and feeling guilty about not…

Wake Up and Cook

I’ve been cooking up a storm these past few weeks. After my vacation in the US in June and early July, I was having a little trouble with motivation. The approaching new semester felt like a torture chamber. My YouTube browsing was getting unhealthy again. I kept saying to myself, “No more teaching after this…

One Jar Closer

Recipe 7: Pickled Red Onions
Victories 7 and 7.1: How easy it is; getting one step closer to fulfilling my dream of mastering the art of pickling and canning and having my kitchen lined with beautiful jars of jams and pickles.

Winning Over Canine Critics

Recipe 6: Hope and Winky’s Cookies
Victories 6 and 6.1: Sharing my cooking with the dogs I love; they liked the cookies!

Breakfast in All Its Glory

Recipe 4: Chicken-maple-apple Breakfast Sausage Patties
Victories 4 and 4.1: Accepting this definition of sausage: “highly seasoned ground meat formed into a patty,” and having enough time to cook and eat a full (and

The Liebster Award

What a wonderful surprise to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow food blogger Megala. Indian cuisine has a very special place in my heart as some of you probably have read, and it’s an honor to be nominated by such an avid home cook and blogger of Indian cuisine. Please check out…

That Little Known Thing Called Vegetable

I’m terrible with names, especially names of vegetables. It doesn’t help that I usually deal with at least two languages and culinary cultures when it comes to food. Coriander, parsley, and cilantro (phak chi, phak chi farang, and phak chi in Thai respectively) always force me to consult the dictionary or Google. The allium family…

The Works at Home

Like many women of my generation, I grew up thinking that housework was not work, not for mothers in any case. I remember that in kindergarten or primary school, whenever the question of my parents’ professions came up, I always knew what my father’s job was. When it came to my mother’s, I asked our maids about it the first time I encountered the question in a homework assignment. They told me, “maebaan,” literally mother house, or housewife in Thai